Managing Director

Mark is a seasoned professional in this industry with over 6 years of experience. He started his career working on Motion Graphics for different channels. His education from Australia and Singapore brings an international level of competence to his work. He has worked as an Asst. Director as well as been a Post Production Head for various projects. Running Image was his brain child after understanding the requirements of the Indian Media Industry and he has always aimed at making it one of the strongest quality delivering movements in the business.


Business Director

Mack is the Marketing and Managing professional in Running Image with over 11 years of international experience. A majority of his experience has been working as a Marketing Director for top international brands in the Middle East. He has conducted seminars in Europe on latest Market trends and Management Skills. His motivation to achieve excellence has driven him to reach high levels of success at a very young age. He currently runs the day to day operations of Running Image and ensures that there is a smooth transition of work from the clients to the studio and back.

Running Image is a vibrant and upcoming visual effects and animation studio based in India providing the media market with high-end visual effects and computer generated animation.

We are working and are looking to work with various leading media houses such as advertising agencies, production houses, TV stations and many more to meet today’s challenging and intricate production jobs.

Running Image details the complete process of production from client brief, storyboard creation, director’s vision, pre-production scenario and scene formation to the final edit of your product .

Our skilled and talented team transforms the concept into final broadcast material using VFX, Motion Graphics, Fine Art, CG Animation and Compositing.

With the ever advancing technology along with continuous training and learning of such new technologies, our team can deliver high quality animation and effects in an economical and affordable way.

Our motive is to deliver to you the highest quality possible within the best possible time frame.


With a combined experience of well over 15 years, our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible output in an efficient, yet cost effective manner. We understand that our clients are always looking for something new and fresh, which is why we constantly keep our staff updated and up to par with today’s market trends.

At Running Image, our team consists of handpicked professionals from different areas of the industry. Each and every one of them understand the value of a client and are always trying to redevelop themselves whenever the opportunity arises.